Raptor HD+

The Raptor HD+ is our 3rd generation single channel digital disk recorder designed and built exclusively for video assist applications. Record and play back all common 1.5Gbps high definition production standards including outputs from the Arri Alexa and RED Epic. An internal 3TB hard drive allows over 150 hours of HD video to be stored for instant recall. Legacy analog and composite video input/outputs are also supported.

The Raptor HD+ is a completely self-contained digital disk recorder with a functional front panel allowing for truly portable use. No other computer or laptop is required to control the Raptor HD+. Just hook up a monitor, mouse, and keyboard to access the included video assist software application.

A new and improved QuickMix feature set allows for visual effects shot line up capability by allowing chroma keying and variable opacity mixing of a selected still frame or motion clip with a live input signal.