Weisscam HS-2

WEISSCAM HS-2 Digital Highspeed Camera

The WEISSCAM HS-2 is the uncompressed digital highspeed camera for framerates up to 4.000fps.
It is develepod as a standalone camera aiming especially the needs of cinematographers.
Coming with an easy workflow, two Streams (RAW + HD) via HD SDI, two formats (4:3 + 16:9) and cinema-style images, it is designed to offer you the freedom of shooting either in HD or RAW mode.

The WEISSCAM HS-2 has a full Format Super35 CMOS Sensor with a global shutter.

The output of the WEISSCAM HS-2 offers two Streams at the same time and uses the HD SDI interface for both signals.
With the Weisscam „RAW IN HD SDI“ mapping, you are able to transport the RAW files via the worldwide standard and fast HD SDI single and dual link interface.
The HD stream offers YCbCr in 4:2:2.
You can choose between linear standard curves like ITU-R 709 or log curve for a higher contrast range within the HD SDI image.

The RAW stream is a 12Bit uncompressed Weisscam RAW file and gives you the freedom to debayer in post production.
In conjunction with the WEISSCAM DIGIMAG DM-2, you are able to record both formats via HD SDI: YCbCr and RAW.

An intelligent master/ slave DC/DC power management, saves the camera from any short circuit and makes it needless to turn off the camera for a battery change.
A lot of mounting possibilities allows you to connect additional accessories like onboard monitor, lens control system, etc. and power them by the several outputs of the DC/DC board.
The very fast boot up time allows you to be ready for shooting in less than 7 seconds.